Armed Teachers

So here’s our president, talking like he knows things.

Essentially, he wants to create a subset of armed special forces… teachers.

It barely needs to be said that most of what he says is unlikely to come to fruition.

But I wanted to briefly reflect on the idea that teachers can and must be more than those who convey information. This is a fact. We have long had outsize influence on our students of every age, and a person’s favorite teacher is usually one of their most cherished people. Teachers often double as coaches and other types of leaders – sometimes for money, but sometimes just for love – and despite how little respect our field receives from some quarters, it’s true that almost none of us are “just” teachers.

I believe, at its best, teaching can, itself, be a heroic act. But it absolutely shouldn’t require being a superhero. We have enough trouble retaining skilled educators.

None of this is going to happen, of course. (And it wouldn’t even work, but that’s beside the point.) Yet it’s profoundly sad, at least to me, that the acting of educating others is not considered enough.

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