Actual Teacher Salaries

An interesting recent piece from NPR can be found at this link.

A choice quote:

When people (not just teachers and politicians, but reporters, too) talk about average salaries, they often use numbers that haven’t been adjusted for regional differences in cost of living. Clearly, the costs of life — from rents and mortgages to movies, food and day care — vary widely, depending on where we live. Without adjusting for that, comparing teachers’ salaries in New York to, say, California is classic apples to oranges.

There is indeed a lot of noise in the way teacher salaries are discussed.

Frankly, there is no career where “average national salaries” is a useful figure for a place this large and varied.

Another wrinkle:

Before we get into the numbers, a few quick caveats: There is obviously wide variation in the costs of living within states, too, that these numbers can’t clearly capture. In some cases, deep pockets of veteran teachers may also conceal low pay for young teachers. If you’re curious to know what states pay their starting teachers, EdBuild has looked at that, too.

A salary in Rockland county goes farther than it does in the city.

So what does it say about New York? Well…

  • New York ranks first in average salary at $77,957 but, after the adjustment, plummets to 17th.

Interesting. And that’s the entire state…

Click through above, and pore through the data, too. When we talk numbers, we have to use the right ones.

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