Keeping an Eye on For-Profit Schools

A quick post today.

The Nation has a somewhat disturbing report on how for-profit colleges have resurged in these past two years.

Though the industry has in recent years suffered a regulatory drubbing from federal and state officials over systemic fraud and financial abuse, the scrutiny has evaporated under the Trump administration, and corporate higher education is looking to make a comeback. In an extensive analysis of New York’s higher-education system, The Century Foundation (TCF) warns that without tighter oversight, the state’s upcoming budget may become the primary financier of an industry better known for exploiting rather than educating its students.


I suspect we are not going to escape the grasp of such institutions, especially as funding to public college is slashed left and right. And, yes, I certainly have a personal interest in this, having once worked for a for-profit school that I gradually learn was exploiting its students as surely as typical such schools, but, my own biases aside, if you care about education more than money, and particularly so in the state of New York, this should concern you as much as it does me.

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