Yet Another Diversity Challenge


From (international) University World News:

What we found is that for every US$1,000 increase in tuition fees at four-year non-selective public universities, diversity among full-time students decreased by 4.5%. In other words, as tuition fees go up, diversity goes down.

The end result is the nation’s colleges and universities become less reflective of the ethnic diversity of the United States as a whole.

How long does it take for tuition fees to rise by US$1,000 at a given university? A US$1,000 hike could happen over the course of only one or two years in some cases. Over the past decade tuition and (other) fees rose by US$2,690 at public four-year institutions.

The fact that diversity drops when tuition fees rise at certain colleges and universities is a big deal. For starters, it means that more minorities might choose not to enrol in college and, therefore, forego the economic and social benefits of higher education.

But less diversity doesn’t just affect those who are priced out of higher education. It also affects students who are able to afford college.


Tuition fees should be offset by investments in grants (not loans) and active, conscious diversity work on campus. Otherwise we’ll just have expensive schools with self-similar students, even moreso than we already do.


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