States Taking Over the For-Profit Battle

DeVos and friends think for-profit schools are just fine, but the states don’t agree, and may yet be the death of these institutions.

Look at what NY is doing.

The New York DCA is among several local and state agencies shining a light on for-profit colleges amid widespread claims of predatory marketing and subpar graduation outcomes that spurred the Obama-era Education Department to tighten the regulations governing the sector.

Such instances are expected to increase as the Trump administration seeks to loosen regulatory oversight of the for-profit sector, according to The Hechinger Report, which cites the shutdown of the Charlotte School of Law by North Carolina’s attorney general after the Ed Department found it had misrepresented its accreditation and student outcomes.

Local and state power is going to be crucial in the fight for equitable education, since the federal government isn’t going to support those who need help.

Here’s hoping they succeed at tearing the industry into smaller and smaller pieces.

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