A Temporary Reprieve for ACICS

Full disclosure: The for-profit school I once worked for was “accredited” by ACICS, and it really hit their enrollment hard when ACICS was targeted by the previous administration’s crackdown. But here’s Betsy to the rescue.

Even with the Ed Department’s seal of approval and the critical access to federal student loans it brings, ACICS still faces threats to its survival. For one, it remains unclear whether the accreditor will be able to attract new for-profit colleges. In 2016, the agency oversaw around 250 colleges, a figure that has since fallen by roughly two-thirds as many institutions under its umbrella shuttered or found a new accreditor, according to a recent analysis by the Center for American Progress.

I’m pretty confident that ACICS is still in deep trouble as soon as the power in DC changes hands in the next decade. But it’s a shame that so many students will continue to be swindled mostly because DeVos appears to be under orders to undo anything Obama did due to her boss’s ceaseless spite.


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